How to test the distribution of your ads on Adwords

Did you ever wonder whether or not there were tools available to test the diffusion of Adwords ads in other countries, or those of your competitors?

In order to know more, I did some research and found some tools, free or not, to do so.

I’d like to precise it is important to use these tools in order not to have a bias in the results of your campaigns. Indeed, when you see ads on Google, it counts as an impression and it will have an impact on your results. If you want to know more, you can read my article here.

To test the diffusion in other countries:

Here are two free tools that we can use in order not to have a bias in the results to test Adwords advertising:

  • There is a Google Adwords tool to previewand diagnose the PPC ads (

This tool can be used in your Adwords account. It helps you to understand why your ad is not visible. It also shows the results obtained for this specific keyword.

  • The addon Redfly Global SEO for Google search.

This tool was developed to see how your ads and those of your competitors appear in different countries, which is essential according to the developer of the tool.

There are also tools that are not free, such as:

  • Adbeat ; particularly used by companies to “spy” on ads that competitors use. Moreover, it may be useful for the execution of your strategy for paid advertising.
  • AdGooroo; a tool that can be used to test your Adwords  campaign in the search network and the display network. In addition, this tool can be used to look at what your competitors are doing. It can also be used to optimize your website in terms of SEO. In addition, it can help to find the right keywords.

There are also other tools that can give the impression that you can see the ads, but it is not recommended to use because the impressions would count, which would distort the results.

There are other tools that are used to change the IP address from the source server and give it the impression that you are on the net from another country (that of the IP). This is not very useful when the IP address that was assigned to you is that of the same country as your research. Also, this is not free.

In my next post, I will test different tools to find the keywords used to get better results with your AdWords campaigns.

Do you use tools to test the distribution of your Adwords ads?

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