Subcontractors, pimp your web site!

70% of our exports go towards our southern neighbors and the majority is with companies in the state of New York.

Our American friends would do well to take advantage of our services, given how low the Canadian dollar is these days. Like any outsourcer, they are looking for suppliers who can deliver high quality products and services, according to their requirements within the requested timeframe. Our Quebec outsourcing companies have what it takes to sell to this export market, a natural one due to its proximity and due to its culture and industrial commonality.

Marketing, a weak point

Setting aside technical requirements and other general export considerations, one of the great weaknesses of outsourcing companies here is, marketing.

The regulars will tell you, Americans like to deal face to face and love to see you frequently. New York is only a 1 hour flight from Montreal, and to some, less than a day’s drive.

As mentioned in a previous blog, approaching outsourcers requires a personal touch and a demonstration of credibility. Therefore, be sure your work in the field is backed up with an easily accessible and reliable web presence. In short, have a web site that outsourcers find clear and easy to consult, and make sure it does a good job of explaining your particular expertise.

Note that large and small outsourcers alike check further and further down chain of suppliers, and they do this online.

Your web site dates back to when?

When was the latest version of your website launched, if it’s not still in its original form?

Your customers, prospects and outsourcers will eventually end up ‘Googling’ you (searching online) to find your coordinates and get technical information. They are looking for evidence of credibility.

Demonstrating credibility is not only displaying complete and up to date information but also showing that you invest in your business, meaning that you consider your online presence important and you are part of known social or sectorial networks.


No need to show off your expertise. Use your industry’s vocabulary and simplify it for the non-technical people you deal with. Post pictures daily and show off your achievements. Remain who you are; professional and authentic.

In these times of tablets and web technologies “dictating” the modernization of websites, investing in updating one of your best representatives, your web site, is a must.

So before thinking of exporting or even participating in important events in your area, such as Industrial Subcontractors of Québec (STIQ) or Manufacture Exporters of Quebec, invest in upgrading and updating your web site with the help of B2B experts.

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