He changed the title of his blog post and the reaction was amazing!

I had to change the title of this post a dozen times. You’re probably wondering why … and above all, why I chose this one! In fact, I have never spent so much time viewing and revising a title. Why? Read on…

Those were the days

Not so long ago (barely a year), mastering content marketing was the keystone of inbound marketing. It’s what “drives” the other two components, namely SEO and Social Media. Furthermore, in the world of B2B, the very narrow niches occupied by several businesses require greater understanding of the subject, often highly technical in nature. Once enough knowledge is acquired, it allows you to write interesting posts to a captive clientele, which is naturally inclined to engage with the content. Alas…


We all started to feel the lack of reach and commitment in our “post” results. Some of the Big names on the web that were going through this started talking about algorithm changes on platforms. While true, the real reason was more elusive. In fact, it was fatigue settling in. Fatigue in the face of constant social media frenzy. Lethargy in the face of so much reading, so many links to click and content to view.

Before a multitude of constantly open tabs waiting to be consulted, some just gave up, saturated with too much reading information and lacking the desire to engage in online conversation. Now, our content must be “worthy” of readership, reposting and comments. We must promote our content intelligently if we are to stand out before our readers’ jaded eyes and if we want them to read our blog or emails.

Time to act

It’s safe to say that we’re surfing more and more. Surfing being the operative word here: We remain at the surface, we sort our information quickly and select whatever “merits” our attention. ATTENTION, the magic word! What draws our attention on the WEB, again and again? Emotion, of course! Which is why I played on your curiosity for this title. 🙂

If I tell you big brands such as Coke, Nike and Mercedes have seen their fan engagement fall by more than 70% in the last two years, or if I tell you that a social media specialist like Buffer, or an SEO specialist like MOZ as well as a popular content strategy site like Copyblogger have all seen similar decreases in commitment in 2015, are you convinced it’s time to act?
Do you want to understand and act? Download our free E-book on this subject now! Happy reading!

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