Alain Thériault

Coaching doesn’t consist only of asking powerful questions. It’s also making sure that the coachee has the knowledge and the guts required to take those tough decisions in the daily life of a CMO, a CEO or VP of Marketing.

A former College dropout, Alain has that out-of-the-box thinking that enables him to come up with creative solutions.

He went back to school to study guidance counseling and after a few years of work in the field, went back again, to earn an MBA.

A bachelor of Education and an MBA in marketing is not exactly your typical learning path!
Yet, that odd match was exactly what allowed him to become the General Manager of the University of Montreal’s entrepreneurship center.

Being marketing oriented, he quickly managed to get regular TV appearances as an entrepreneurial venture analyst and had a regular column in Le Journal de Montreal

After ten years of that, he became an entrepreneur himself and launched his coaching business called Startupcoach

He was also a regular contributor to the Achievement Center coaching team and at l’École d’entrepreneurship de Beauce. So, overall, it’s 20 years dedicated to coaching and helping entrepreneurs to succeed!

Member of the Canadian Association of Professional speakers from 2012 to 2014, he was a regular facilitator in the Roger’s manager program.

Working frequently with ExoB2B in 2015 he became a managing partner in 2016. A certified practitioner of the Value Proposition design and the Business Model Canvas Alain can easily bridge the gap between your corporation overall strategy and the marketing that has to be in place for the strategy to come to life.

Alain Thériault B.Ed, MBA :

Speaker, Trainer, Facilitator and Coach (ICF and WABC trainings)

  • Trainer, Speaker and coach for ExoB2B (LinkedIn for Sales/Cx / sales & marketing alignment/Personas)
  • Trainer, Speaker and coach for Datapreneur/Université de Montreal
  • Trainer, Speaker and coach for Defi Montreal,
  • Trainer, Speaker and coach for DEL (Commercialisation B2B)
  • Speaker for Info-Presse 2017 (Personas)
  • Speaker for Montreal Wood Conference 2017 (digital commercialisationin the Wood industry)
  • Trainer for Info-Presse 2015-2018 (Social Media and Personas)
  • Lecturer @ HEC-Montreal since 1996 (entrepreneurship/business planning)
  • Facilitator for BTS Corp. 2013-2015 (leadership) client: Rogers Canada, Toronto and Montreal
  • Trainer & coach for The Achievment Center: 2010-2013 (Sales and Networking)
  • Trainer for Startupcoach: 2007-2014 (marketing/social media/Networking)
  • CAPS Member 2014-2018 (Canadian Association of Professional Speakers)




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