Top 4 B2B marketing painpoints -according to Grumpy Cat

With my head buried in several consultation reports and not having written a blog for a while, I was suddenly asked to write another. “This time” I told myself, “I’ll cut to the chase”, and who better than “Grumpy Cat”, the famous feline with a permanent frown, to emphasize your top 4 recurring business marketing problems.

Here’s Grumpy Cat vs. B2B marketing

1-Your website doesn’t convert

It’s an all too common mistake: we design our site to look like a magazine cover. A beautiful “slider” in the center that fills the space, with the remaining contents relegated to the the inner pages.

Sliders are conversion serial killers. Conversion? It’s the action of converting an anonymous visitor into a lead (or in e-commerce, in to a buying customer).

You aren’t designing a magazine cover and you aren’t selling dreams! It’s the Web. People can do much more than gawk at beautiful images; they can subscribe to the newsletter, contact you via a form, “chat” online, upload your documentation and even buy online.

2- Content Marketing – coming up with a blog post idea… and then another…and another … and then even more ideas!

Having trouble creating good content with subjects that seems as boring as your industry? Have you written only 3 or 4 blogs and are already stuck for ideas? Have you ever said to your agency: “In any case, good luck writing more than 3 blogs on our industry; there aren’t that many things to say about it.”

First off, yes, it’s hard to keep up an average of 2 blogs per week, which is often recommended to boost your content marketing. So what do you do if the products you manufacture don’t seem to have much to say about themselves?

Grumpy Cat, here’s a trick for you: make yourself an editorial calendar. Think outside the box. If your blogs are too long, break them into a series of posts instead. Monitor news related to your industry. This will certainly help you find new ideas!

3-Low marketing content engagement

Only 30% of businesses that do content marketing consider it effective! For more on this, read our Ebook on overcoming this content crisis. In it, we talk about the decline of marketing content engagement.

One way to overcome low engagement is to do content promotion. Specifically, when added value content such as a whitepaper or a case study is produced, a media release can first be sent out. If the release is shared and the campaign is a success in terms of readership, a Paid Media campaign can be established (an advertising campaign or “sponsorship” on social media for example).

Grumpy Cat: Expect lots of friends to come over! Aren’t we happy?

4-Marketing Research – neglecting its role in marketing planning

To achieve a good marketing plan, you must first think it through rigorously, as well as do marketing research if you feel that there is a lack of information on your marketing targets and/or the industry that you wish to reach.

After some solid research has been completed, you should have a better idea of which direction to proceed in and have everything you need to execute you marketing plan.

Let’s try asking grumpy cat for help on other B2B marketing issues. Grumpy cat?

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