What Sets Us Apart

ExoB2B Marketing

Always at the forefront

ExoB2B is resolutely focused on the future in order to better assist your company to take and succeed its digital transformation. Whether it’s process automation that you already know or modernizing your entire marketing, you can count on ExoB2B!

A passion for performance and results

ExoB2B is an agency focused on the performance and results of business-to-business (B2B) marketing. We use technology to support sales and marketing to ensure that both can effectively share the necessary data. Performance also means the achievement of well-defined objectives, their measurement and consequent optimization.

Marketing Transformation

We integrate strategic marketing disciplines, services, technology and the use of online and offline channels to support the sales force but also to give them a competitive advantage, a transformed marketing function. With over 4,000 B2B marketing mandates, our team has extensive experience in strategic and operational marketing.

The experts in B2B

Since 2002, ExoB2B’s expertise has been consistently demonstrated in carrying out major projects at the national and international levels. It is also internationally recognized for the repeated and noted interventions of its experts in conferences and training, as well as for the quality and relevance of its content made available to its customers either by its white papers, eBooks and especially by its blog which counts more than 500 posts.

We draw our expertise from the foundations and best practices, but we are always on the lookout for new trends to propel your digital marketing strategies and tactics in digital marketintg!


Doing Business With Us

ExoB2B Marketing

A solid expertise, a flexible process

We’re all about using accurate data and optimizing your marketing efforts. We help companies increase their sales, optimise their client experience, and earn a sustainable position in their market with a strong and unique brand.

You are facing your very own challenges and we build our solutions accordingly. The interventions of our experts can take many forms, depending on your needs and available resources:

The flexibility of our outsourced marketing service is unparalleled in the industry. Outsourcing only parts of your marketing efforts to our agency will allow us to become key players in the successful accomplishment of projects your team alone cannot complete. Should you opt to outsource the entirety of your marketing to us, we will then manage and execute all your marketing efforts.

Flat Rate
We can work on a particular project for a fixed fee.

Strategic or tactical interventions
We can act as a SWAT team for your company at any crucial moment. Is your business changing direction? Did your product launch fail? Are sales dropping suddenly? No matter what your marketing emergency is, the seasoned experts at ExoB2B can use their extensive experience and network to quickly form a special cell comprised of various specialists that will steer your company back in the right direction or, come up with a tactical plan to correct the current situation.

Our Team

ExoB2B Marketing

Combining passion and experience, ExoB2B places the needs of its customers at the heart of its interventions. We will assist and collaborate with you to support your B2B marketing efforts and to grow your business.

Lynda St-Arneault


Alain Thériault


Jean Gougeon

Creative Director

Vincent Cloutier-Naud

Strategic Analyst


Aurèle Zannou


Claude Malaison

Web Strategist


ExoB2B Marketing