Social Media

How to use social media and networks in B2B

In 2020, the question of whether to use media and/or social networks (SRM) no longer arises. Companies in B2B must above all, make good use of them. They must focus on which networks or media to use, when, for which purpose and, in which target group, all integrated in a marketing content management strategy.

No more putting icons on websites and publishing in the wind. The goal is no longer just to create B2B engagement. It’s about creating strong links based on sharing experiences.

At ExoB2B, we help you with the choices of:

  • Broadcast Platforms
  • Management Tools
  • Monitoring Tools
  • Measuring Tools

but also, in the art of mastering:

  • Storytelling
  • Influence
  • Thought Leadership 
  • Social Selling

The use of social media is fundamental in generating leads for your company. Social media and social networks are often, in conjunction with your website, the first showcase and the first impression people make of your company.

They therefore make an important contribution to your company’s notoriety and lay the foundations for its credibility, all in a relational context where trust develops.

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