Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

Let’s make something clear. A Brand Strategy does not mean getting a new logo, a new color chart, or using a new font.

Reliability, standing and reputation are powerful, although abstract, concepts for your brand.

The experience you want to offer your prospects and customers throughout their buyer’s journey needs to be strategically determined. It consists in a precise balance of contact points and moments of truth online and offline. It mean making technology more human, to tell a story, to share experiences. Nowadays, this is what qualifies as Brand Experience (Bx).

You have to go beyond the Customer Experience (Cx) and think more globally. Your company needs to focus on your customers. It isn’t about communications – it is about establishing a connection between your brand and your community. A community comprised of four distinct generations of customers.

For any and all of them, for each of these personas, for every generation you cater to – how can you make your interactions memorable?

The longer you maintain a relation with your customers, the more the history of that relation will affect your brand.

According to a research by the Aberdeen Group, when B2B customers have a positive impression of your brand:

  • They will consider your company 5x more often;
  • They are 5x more likely to buy from you;
  • They are 30x more likely to opt for your higher-end offerings.

But a particular challenge in B2B environments is the fact that multiple buyers and decision makers are involved in the purchasing process. The experience every single one of them has had with your brand needs to be consistent with that of their colleagues.

ExoB2B can help you overcome this challenge.

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