Analysis and Validation

Analysis and Validation

Your strategies are validated through research and data analysis.

Market Analysis

By identifying trends, threats, and opportunities, ExoB2B can assimilate the factors that define the important stakes in your market and use these insights to guide your strategic planning. We do this with confidence and accuracy that stems from having solid information that allows our clients to make the best possible decisions for their future. This way, your company’s growth is solidly planned out and more secure.

Among other things, market analysis allows you to:

  • Identify new markets for existing products
  • Identify new product or service development opportunities
  • Evaluate market potential
  • Evaluate export potential
  • Better understand your clientele, their preferences, and their habits
  • Discover your positioning
    • How does the market perceive your business?
    • How does the market perceive your competition?
    • Where do you fit in?

Customer Analysis

Understand your customers to serve them better

Customer analysis is divided into many categories; it is comprised of research into brand awareness studies, credibility, image, purchasing intent, motivation, needs, behaviour, and attitude.

ExoB2B uses primary and secondary data to analyse the motivations and behaviours of your various clients.

What is their decision criteria? What are their shopping habits and purchasing habits? And how do those aspects relate to various communication channels?

We also analyse why certain clients leave or chose to cease relations with your business by meeting with them face-to-face and analyzing the information we gather. We study everything that deals with the sales cycle, from starting as a prospect, to becoming a client, to the stage of ending their business with you.

All the information that we obtain from this process allows businesses to optimise their offers, procedures, and commercial practices. This directly affects the Customer Experience (CX).

Competition Analysis

To make your positioning in the market unique and distinctive, ExoB2B delivers in-depth Competition Analysis for your business.

To determine your competition’s advantages, we analyse their strengths and weaknesses, their products, their services, their prices and their evolution, so that we may clearly define the stakes involved in your market and identify the opportunities within.

The information we gather from this analysis will help you to better evaluate your own positioning in the market. It will also help you seize hidden opportunities so that your business can effectively gain a distinctive positioning of its own.

Web Ecosystem Analysis

Unlike traditional media, the internet offers the enormous advantage of being measured precisely.

The statistical analysis of traffic to your website and its ecosystem allows you to measure and optimize the performance of your online communication and marketing activities according to your business objectives.

ExoB2B experts perform a comprehensive audit of your website, offering you benefits such as:

  • Taking advantage of the best practices in web marketing.
  • Improving the conversion of web visitors into potential customers.
  • Reducing the cost of acquiring new customers.
  • Enhancing marketing content strategy according to your targets.
  • Optimizing the use of social networks.

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