Exo B2B Integrated Marketing will let you in on a little secret

I have a secret to share with you. The team at Exo B2B Integrated Marketing is in the process of redesigning their website. Oh yes, it’s our turn to get a makeover, but not without a plan, obviously. We need to make the time to do it, just like we do for our clients. Otherwise, we’ll be considered the cobbler’s children with no shoes.

82% of our web pages are blog posts!!!

In the design phase, to classify existing content, I needed to print out the 300 pages that constitute Exo’s website. And do you know what? I was surprised by the fact that our blog posts accounted for more than 80% of content on our website. I’m currently writing my third blog post since I joined the team, but the first posts were published in 2009.

The blog at the centre of our strategy

This article, which was published a few days ago and discusses three phases of content marketing in the conversion cycle, describes the blog as a relevant tactic. This is especially true when the main objective is to generate new sales leads, as is the case with most of our clients.

Efficiency of content marketing tactics

I was also reading the results of this recent survey published by the B2B Technology Marketing Community on LinkedIn. I noticed that blogs were rated 12 out of 30 in terms of efficient content marketing tactics according to respondents, and well before eBooks. The survey also mentions that interactive content, like videos, are more and more popular with internet users. It’s funny because we met a candidate last week in an interview and she told me that the B2B company she works for is gradually replacing written blog posts by video posts.

When will it be ready?

Either way, the team at Exo will continue to supply its blog with posts in its new website. In which format? This remains to be determined… At least it will take into consideration 5 points specified in this article, as well as many others, because when you choose to redesign your website, it shouldn’t only be about the look.

All bets are on and the secret is out. When do you think the new site will be launched?

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