Utilization of content strategy in B2B marketing

Collaboration – January 26, 2012

A study was conducted by “Marketing Profs Research” in May 2011 where 1124 B2B marketing professionals working in small companies (less than 10 employees) and large companies (1000 employees or more) answered an online survey. The total number of those who responded expressed their opinion on content strategy per industry type. This survey aims to understand the industries which use content strategy the most in B2B marketing.

Content strategy involves using social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, etc.) and different inbound marketing tools (websites, email marketing, newsletters, etc.) in order to increase sales and attract new clients.


Below is a short analysis of the survey results:

  • The computer systems industry adopts content strategy tactics 94% of the time.
  • The financial, bank and insurance sector comes in second place with a content strategy user rate of 93%.
  • 92% of people surveyed in the education sector attest to using various strategies to achieve their marketing objectives.
  • The health industry would adopt content strategy at a rate of 91% in order to attract new clients.
  • 90% of people in the media would prefer to use social media, email marketing or newsletters to increase sales.
  • Marketing and advertising agencies would adopt content strategy 85% of the time to increase their lists of prospects.
  • 84% of people from the service sector would use inbound marketing tools.
  • The industrial sector responded with 84% in favor of content strategy to attract leads.
  • People from the telecommunications industry feel that 80% would use content strategy tactics.
  • 78% of people from the agricultural sector would use social media and other inbound marketing tools to increase website traffic.

In conclusion, these results are quite similar from one industry to the next.

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