Bill C-28: an opportunity to clean up your database

The Canadian Anti-Spam Law C-28(CASL) has been announced a while ago but most companies have just sent out their email about consent. It was shortly before July 1st, the date the law came into effect.

Have you noticed that some of these emails came from organizations that have acquired your contact information by purchasing lists and databases.

I’m sure you have received some perfect examples of the best and worst practices to obtain consent. Basically, you didn’t think you were subscribed to so many lists, right?

Come all ye faithful

If your campaign is optimized for B2B, if your list is satisfying and you thought your message through, you should have obtained positive results, that is to say a high consent rate.

For those who have not given their consent, don’t shed a tear just yet. Bill C-28 has good consequences for your business: it cleans your database. Unnecessary prospects and contacts are gone. Why invest time and money on people who are not interested in your offer?

In the scenario where a large portion of your list dwindled during battle, it’s easy to blame it on the email. But let’s say you have done everything following the best practices: a clear message with a noticeable consent button.

If the consent rate is low, this could simply be the result of a poor quality database. This would mean that the people following you were not the right ones, or that you have not canvassed the right people for your offer … then you have homework to do, such as prospect acquisitions and targeting. This situation is very serious.

Start off on the right step

Bill C-28 is the perfect opportunity to clean up your CRM (if it is not already done) and to re-launch marketing content with a database of contacts who have already indicated interest in your offer. It’s up to you to review their qualifications and revive those who deserve your immediate attention. For the others, nurturing to facilitate their advancement in their buying cycle is needed. Do not wait too long as you have just been in contact with them. It’s time to get back on track and start a new sales cycle.

In conclusion, Bill C-28 is a good thing. We hope that business communications will be based on reliable data and that spam becomes less present in our lives. This is a unique opportunity to clean your prospect and client data. It’s time to start fresh and on a more solid database. It is also a time to revisit strategic sales and marketing planning. Seize the opportunity!

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