How to Compare your Website to Competitors

Collaboration – November 18, 2014

We establish a monthly report of performance for the websites of many of our clients. Several performance indicators are taken into account, such as the number of visits and unique visitors (it’s not the most important), the bounce rate, page views, average duration of visits, geographical origin, the source of visits and of course conversion and lead generation. This is all well and good, but customers also want to compare themselves with their competitors. Here are some tips to help you measure yourself against your competition.


It’s free, it only takes 30 seconds and, the results appear on one page … in short, it has all the qualities of a report that a president or vice president would like.

Also, you can compare yourself with up to 3 competitors. The results are divided into three tabs:

  • competitive analysis (the one I am sure you will look at carefully)
  • analysis of social media
  • analysis of your website.

The analysis of your competitor offers several interesting and strong metrics:

  • an estimation of traffic
  • SEO scores
  • the speed of your website
  • social media scores

What’s good: several possible solutions are proposed to help you catch up (or strenghen your leadership).

What’s not so good: analysis of keywords. As you can see in the example, it was suggested to me that the top keyword is “of” in several places, even though Google does not consider items such as keywords (except in blogs).

Compare your Domain Authority with the help of Moz

First, what is Domain Authority? It’s a measure used to compare one website to another, or to track the “strength” of your website over time. It’s calculated by combining all other metrics of your website, such as:

  • the linking root domains (the number of sites that link to your website)
  • the total number of links
  • MozRank (a testament to the popularity of a given web page on the Internet)
  • MozTrust (similar to MozRank but measures trust. For example: receiving a link to a government or university website towards your website is very good for this score)

To find out more about Moz or Domain Authority

You now understand why it’s relevant to compare your Domain Authority with your competition; best Domain Authority = better SEO = more traffic = more sales.

Moz is not free, but it can prove to be very powerful! You still have access to certain data, including your Domain Authority. And of course, nothing prevents you from testing your competitors’ websites.

Following this exercise, what are the results? Are you behind or are you the champion?

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